Build Hope and Courage Through I Fix the Planet!

ESRAG invites you to rally hope and inspire effective action by sharing your sustainable project in the 2022 I Fix the Planet video contest. Entries will be accepted starting March 20, with the contest closing Oct. 31. “The latest IPCC report: not good.  War in Europe: not good,” said ESRAG Director Dr. Ludwig Kalthoff, who’s leading this year’s contest. “We can produce something positive with this video challenge to inspire not only the Rotarian family and other Rotary Action Groups, but also people beyond Rotary. We can be an example, showing that with the right spirit, the right values, we can offer another way.” 

The challenge is to describe your project in a 70-100 second video, and upload it to the contest site. The 2nd round is now interactive! You can meet other teams easily in the contest’s virtual room in EXPO, ESRAG's Online Social and Resource Center. No extra device needed: just upload your video to the contest website from your phone/ keyboard.  You can see last year's winning videos on that site or enjoy them on the big screens in our  3-D EXPO gallery.  Picture:  screen shot from the Rotary Club of Shanghai's 2021 video about cleaning up the Quingpu wetlands.

Because of the dire threats to life on our planet, the contest leaders are seeking bold, transformational projects. “End Polio Now is a very clear call to action. It has such a big impact. Now it’s time for Rotarians to lead a second bold movement,” says Kalthoff, a physician from Germany.  “We hope for entries illustrating each of ESRAG’s themes, and some serious reflections from Rotarians and Rotaracters, for example on our shared responsibility to prevent ecocide, to reduce emissions now.

ESRAG’s six themes are biodiversity, food systems, climate, sustainable living, pollution solutions, and circular economy.  Many of these contribute to other Rotary priorities including health, peace, and community economic development. We welcome videos that illustrate that synergy, as these will help inspire and engage Rotarians and other viewers that don’t yet see themselves as called to environmental action. 

A jury representing all 12 ESRAG Regional Chapters will chose the winners, which will be showcased at the Rotary International Institute in Basel, Switzerland from Nov. 4-6.  This major conference has the motto OUR FUTURE is NOW!  It will draw people from thirteen countries and 58 Rotary Districts.  The contest team also hopes to show some of the early entries in the virtual EXPO (3D House of Friendship) during the 2022 Rotary International Convention in June. 

To warm your heart and get your story-telling gears going, watch the delightful video by PRIP Holger Knaack and Rotarians across the world on I Fix the Planet’s home page. We can’t wait to see how You Fix the Planet!